July Hangout @ Bellini’s

My college best buddies and I’s inspiration for our monthly hangout is the movie One More Chance (If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time I’m pretty sure you know this fact already). Another friend of mine told me the restaurant in the movie is this hole-in-the-wall restaurant inside Cubao Expo, I immediately cascaded it to my friends and we made sure it will be part of one of our next meet-ups. Sadly, the Bellini’s hangout didn’t materialize early because it has been postponed for reasons I cannot remember (and it’s not like it matter. haha!) Good thing, Tricia decided to treat us here in this cozy Italian restaurant for her birthday!


That’s our group by the door. It was quite intimate inside perfect for a date. We felt a little out of the place because we cant stop guffawing. That’s how we are whenever we’re together. My friends can make the world for me a very happy place.

The food. It’s nice to have a somewhat an authentic Italian food. I don’t know how an authentic Italian food taste so I used ‘somewhat’ to be safe. I have an undying love for Italian food especially with pasta so this night was heaven for my stomach.

A platter of past

A platter of pasta. It’s not in the menu. Since we’re all first-timers in the restaurant, we asked recommendations from the waiter and he recommended us to get a platter so we can have their variety of pasta. It’s all good.. so good! (: This platter is huge. I forgot to put in mind not only to get a zoomed picture. Tricia has been complaining that she read blogs re the restaurant before hand but all food photo are zoomed-in so she can’t access whether the serving is good for sharing or what.

meat and seafood platter

The meat and seafood platter. Again, this platter is huge too.



Of course, we cannot not have pizzas.


The whole gang at Bellini's

The whole gang with the owner.

Our bill was about Php 5,500. P2,200++ for both the pasta and meat platter while P600+ for each of the pizza.

Plus we had a complimentary sweet wine to end the dinner.

Cheers to the birthday girl! And cheers for my delay post!




P.S. – Ina banana blogged about this too. See her side of the story here. (It’s a must read. Haha :)


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