What’s under my office desk?


Shoes. Shoes everywhere. Heels to make me look professional. Flats for convenience. Running shoes to help me get fit.




Random night with 4MA9

A dinner hangout initiated by my college seatmate, Gurdeep, for a mini reunion with our blockmates and two of our best professors – Sir Neeley and Sir JD. A dinner was set in Kanin CLub, Ayala Triangle. There was supposed to be a group of around 15 people but a lot made a last minute cancellation. And so we weren’t able to cancel our huge orders anymore. That night literally felt like it’s our last supper already.

Kanin Club

with Dio, Gurdeep, Lea, Sir Neeley, Sir JD and Jewel.  08/03/2012

Albeit we’re just a few, we had such an amazing and fun night! The guys are very funny. The whole theme of the night was White Chick. Yes, the movie. (: The girls were quite amazed and surprised that the guys know every single lines of the movie by heart. We can’t stop guffawing until our stomach aches! The fun didn’t end there. A random plan was immediately made. And that is to extend the crazy hangout at Dio’s place. It’s my blockmate’s usual hangout place for the booze and videoke. But I never go with them so it was my first time to see “The Bar” they were always referring to. True enough, Dio has this cool place in their house.

at Dio's house

Now we’re with Bryan too.  (:


It was also a night of singing our hearts out! I love random hangout like this with the unexpected people.

Cheers for more!



Pinoy, standing proud

The Philippines possess the formidable durability of the narra tree and the resiliency of the bamboo. The resilience to rise above any given circumstance. Over the years, we have witnessed the Filipino spirit survive over endless battles and crises. We surpassed almost every calamity a small nation could ever have, natural and man-made ones. The list includes the brave resistance of our ancestors against foreign colonization from the age of the Spaniards to the Americans to the Japanese, the World War II, the Marcos regime, the world-famous EDSA revolution for being an outstanding example of a “bloodless revolution” and the Typhoon Ondoy(Ketsana) tragedy . These showed the world how sturdy we Filipinos are and how exceptionally we manage to smile after a dreadful tragedy struck our way.

We have a beautiful country with people of unmatched values of hospitality, service and hard work. The Overseas Filipino Workers, our modern day heroes, continue to blaze a trail of professional and economic success in almost every nook and cranny of the globe. The migration of Filipino workers is no longer limited to blue-collar jobs or those that require manual labour. Over the years, Filipino nurses, doctors, designers, accountants, teachers, artists and technology people have joined the exodus to better jobs abroad.

The Filipinos have proven we can. Paeng Nepumoceno, Manny Pacquiao and Efren Bata Reyes in sports. Lea Salonga, the UP Madrigal Singers and Imelda Papin in performing arts. Monique Lhuillier and Rafe Totenco in fashion. And these are just the names made famous by the media. There are many more who may not be celebrities but who have gained respect on the world stage. Their individual and collective accomplishments surely serve as a source of pride and inspiration to millions of our countrymen.

We also take pride to the plenitude of our great natural wonders and resources. To name a few are the Tubbataha Reef marine sanctuary that has become a popular diving spot, the Chocolate Hills composing of around 1,268 magnificently cone-shaped hills, the Mayon Volcano that is renowned as the “Perfect Cone” because of its almost perfectly conical shape, and the recently most popular Puerto Princesa Subterranean River that is doing great in the current votes collection for the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. As of today it ranks second after the Amazon Rainforest in the category “Forests, National Parks, Nature Reserves”.

Life in the Philippines is tough but what makes me really proud of my motherland aside from its astounding beauty are my “Kababayan” – the Filipinos. That in time of adversities, we join hands together and help each other. We are strong-willed and opinionated but we easily cope to whatever change that may come our way. Anywhere you go there is a Pinoy that is making the world go round in his own little way bearing the Filipino pride.

This week, Filipinos’ strength has been tested again by the heavy rain pour that submerged most places in Manila by flood waters. Our spirit is stronger than this calamity. We’ll make it through. We always do.


July Hangout @ Bellini’s

My college best buddies and I’s inspiration for our monthly hangout is the movie One More Chance (If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time I’m pretty sure you know this fact already). Another friend of mine told me the restaurant in the movie is this hole-in-the-wall restaurant inside Cubao Expo, I immediately cascaded it to my friends and we made sure it will be part of one of our next meet-ups. Sadly, the Bellini’s hangout didn’t materialize early because it has been postponed for reasons I cannot remember (and it’s not like it matter. haha!) Good thing, Tricia decided to treat us here in this cozy Italian restaurant for her birthday!


That’s our group by the door. It was quite intimate inside perfect for a date. We felt a little out of the place because we cant stop guffawing. That’s how we are whenever we’re together. My friends can make the world for me a very happy place.

The food. It’s nice to have a somewhat an authentic Italian food. I don’t know how an authentic Italian food taste so I used ‘somewhat’ to be safe. I have an undying love for Italian food especially with pasta so this night was heaven for my stomach.

A platter of past

A platter of pasta. It’s not in the menu. Since we’re all first-timers in the restaurant, we asked recommendations from the waiter and he recommended us to get a platter so we can have their variety of pasta. It’s all good.. so good! (: This platter is huge. I forgot to put in mind not only to get a zoomed picture. Tricia has been complaining that she read blogs re the restaurant before hand but all food photo are zoomed-in so she can’t access whether the serving is good for sharing or what.

meat and seafood platter

The meat and seafood platter. Again, this platter is huge too.



Of course, we cannot not have pizzas.


The whole gang at Bellini's

The whole gang with the owner.

Our bill was about Php 5,500. P2,200++ for both the pasta and meat platter while P600+ for each of the pizza.

Plus we had a complimentary sweet wine to end the dinner.

Cheers to the birthday girl! And cheers for my delay post!




P.S. – Ina banana blogged about this too. See her side of the story here. (It’s a must read. Haha :)