My first CC!

I was surprised to see in my bed today a letter. My initial reaction was that someone sent me a snail mail. I mean like the old days. Haha! I did not understand why I expected that.


But when I saw it was from citi, I knew it was the credit card I requested from my sister days ago. I just texted her asking if she could give me a supplementary card. She told me she would try if she can apply online for me. I haven’t heard about it from her then.


‘Why cebu pac?’ – that was my first text to her rather than ‘Why citi?”. I think she forgot that I specifically told her I want HSBC. Haha! I just randomly asked her for this and I didn’t know she would really apply for me. She trusts me. But I don’t trust myself. I recently went shopping to buy one shoes for work and I ended up buying three plus two scarves. Now you know.

I have a self-imposed ban for credit cards (Well, I used to). I told myself that I will not get any yet. Yes, there’s a yet. I’m giving myself at least two years of CC free (sana).  I have three monthly payables now and I don’t want anything to add up to that yet. I have two postpaid mobile line and I got Pops a car insurance to pau.

I wish this won’t be the start of my reigning as the Installment Queen. Haha! Let’s live within our means. This CC is staying under my pillow. But then I don’t have a pillow. Hmmmm…





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