Mother Falls in Baler

Being adventurous flows in the blood of each one of us in the family. When my sisters and I were still young (and my parents too) we often go to different provinces for a vacation every summer break. Both my parent’s hometown is Manila so we’re deprived of having relatives to visit in the provinces. But good thing my parents have a lot of friends from different sides of the Phil. But sometimes, we need not have anyone to go to.

I’m not sure how many times I have been to Baler when I was a kid. I’m guessing about three. Back then, it was about 14-16 hours drive from the metro. Now there’s a shorter way going there that it will only take you less than 10 hrs to go there. One of mom’s bestfriend, Fr. Edwin, was assigned to be the parish priest of San Luis, Aurora. It’s just 15mins away from Baler. That’s why we were able to go there a few times. We will stay in the seminary.  People there are very friendly to us and they will just tour us everywhere. It was nice to see the special beauty of the place. One of it is the Mother Falls.

I have not thought that I will get the chance to go back in Baler/Aurora since Fr. Edwin died. (I miss him a lot and I have always been his favorite. A little sad note on that). Anyway, I got so ecstatic when Ac told me that his workmates have planned to go there and I could tag along. I will not miss the chance to see the place again especially the Mother Falls.

The place brought me back to my memory lane. I saw the church and the seminary where Fr. Edwin was assigned. I miss staying there.

Going back, the Mother Falls was our first in our itinerary when we got there. It’s around 45 mins of trekking in a very rocky path. I have taken photos of the way going there but only using my cellphone. I was not equipped with the proper gear to bring the dslr camera with me. I didn’t take the risk especially because it’s not mine. But I wish I was able to take better photos.

Here are some photos:

Going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

Seeing this falls with your own eyes is amazing. It made me forget all the hustle and bustle of my city life. It made me realize how wonderful this world we have is. I simply love the nature feel and everything that comes along with it.

Me at Mother Falls

These crocs are lovely to wear but never for trekking. Everyone who have seen me suffered from the wound had ask me what I was wearing and then I will see the dismay on their faces after answering. I know. I know. Haha!


If you’re planning for your next trip, you might want to go here next. You know what not to wear.





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