The Bipolar Trishie

with the Bipolar Trishie

Happy 22nd to the most bipolar friend one could ever have! And it’s true. I am not kidding! Haha

I am not sure if I have said this here. Tricia was my very first friend in college. We’ve met on our first day because we were directed to the wrong room together with a few of our blockmates then. Since then no one has ever separated us. We were blockmates in all of our subjects in our 9 semesters in college. So yes, we even flunk together in one module. And for me, it was fate. We’re meant to finish the race together.


Tricia loves writing. And she’s really talented in it. I can’t remember how many short stories of her I have read and every story was amazing. I immediately became a fan of her writings so I consistently ask her if she has new stories to share. I’ve always been wondering why she took up accounting. Well, it’s the same question she has for herself. Anyway, I was very glad when she told me she’s putting up a blog to share her stories and her random things. It’s a place very different from mine – hers has a touch of art in words and sense though the name of her blog says otherwise. Don’t be fooled! Haha. So here it is, Tricia’s Book of Nonsense.




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