Share happiness, share Eat Bulaga!

Hello there. This would be a fan post.

I grew up watching Eat Bulaga! (Filipinos’ term for Peak-a-boo!) every lunch time. There are only a few local TV shows my family and I avidly watch and this longest running noontime show is one. It always make us laugh and everything is just ‘patok‘ to us. I love how everything is real in the show and that they simply want to make people laugh and happy not just through giving away money.

When I found out that Eat Bulaga was franchised by a TV network in Indonesia, it made me proud. It’s record breaking for EB again for being the first local TV show to be franchised by another country. It’s always us who franchise other country’s shows because we have this colonial mentality. This is a proof we can do good shows too that is our very own.

For sure Indonesians will enjoy the games and all of EB. Right? Hi there! It was nice to know that we’re sharing the happiness all the way there.


A proud EB fan and a wishful EB host someday (hihi),



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