4/4 – The bracelet

I love accessories. I love owning different pieces though I rarely use those or I don’t use some of it at all. The accessorie that I use everyday are a pair of earrings and before, it was my pearl bracelet that I’ve lost. I’m still saddened with its demise but I have to move one (haha). Ate Arlene, my church-mate and the one who gifted me the pearl bracelet, loves making accessories. She has a very good eyes with the style – it’s chic matched with elegance and simplicity. She was saddened too when she found out that  I lost it. She said it was a rare pearl and she made it especially for me –  that made me more sad. She had given me then more bracelets that I truly like but nothing can ever replaced my pearl bracelet.

But there’s one now that I love. She made another customized bracelet for me. It even became more special because it’s a rosary  bracelet. I love the dark blue beads, it’s elegant. I love the cross and the heart.

rosary bracelet

rosary bracelet

rosary bracelet

It’s a piece of art made only for me. I love wearing it everyday.




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