4 of my favorite things

4 of my favorite things

Summary of 4 of my favorite things (as of now)

1. My new violet cardigan. I own a lot of cardigans/jackets. I wear dresses almost everyday at work because that what I’m comfortable wearing. I mix and match the dresses with cardigans and shoes. And this violet cardigan is my favorite. I also have a brown of this.


2. My black Esprit purse. This purse is very special to me because I own it since I was little, maybe I was around 10yrs old when my mom gave it to me. I was surprised to see it recently and still in a good condition. I wonder when it was hiding all these years. Anyhow, I’m just happy to be reunited with her again. So chic.

my black purse

3. My crackberry curve 9320. I have gave in to globe’s BB plan especially when it announced that their BB plan will include free tickets to Nicki Minaj concert (I’m not a fan, I just want the thrill. Haha) . But unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to the concert tomorrow- more of that on later post.

I have always wanted one but there came a time that I’m eyeing on iPhone or Galaxy S3 instead. When I happened to use a full touchscreen phone for a month, I knew I’m not meant for it. I missed the convenience of a qwerty keypad. So I availed of globe’s P999 plan. It’s not bad at all – unlisurf, bbsocial, consumables plus one freebie with a BB 9320. I wanted to have a bold but I can settle with this for now. :) I have an iTouch and iPad (the one that I gifted Pops/Mom but they don’t use it) afterall. When I used my BB I know we’re meant for each other. I don’t understand what took me so long to have it. It fits perfectly with my lifestyle. It will be very long to explain why so I’ll leave that explaining for next time.

tulips in my BB

The last one deserves a post on its own.





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