Saturday was a jampacked day for me. Went early to work – took off before lunch to watch Spiderman with my team- went back to work in the afternoon – took a break to have dinner with the newly announced couple (formality was the only thing they lacked for a couple of years so that was really not oh-so surprising but I’m very happy for them) – went back to work at 2300hr to the wee hour in the morning the next day. Is that a work and life balance? Maybe. But there’s one thing you should know about me, just like in the adage ‘Kung gusto may paraan; kung ayaw maraming dahilan’. If I want to do it, I’ll definitely make a way. Same thing goes if I don’t – I have a lot of excuses.

I perfectly know my responsibilities at work. I don’t miss a deadline eventhough it means I have to work extended hours and even on weekends. But at the same time, I want to live a life close to the people I love. I want to live everyday as if it’s my last so as much as possible I want to see often the people that matters to me and do exciting things.

Isn’t it nice to start writing a blog with just a simple idea then you start blabber-ing that somehow deviated with the firsyt thought. Haha

I just wanted to post how much I enjoyed the Saturday night with Mina, LJ and Ac. It wasn’t supposed to be just us, it just surprisingly became a double date. But I enjoyed the small group. And it’s just refreshing to see sweet couples.


Yah, this is it.


Photo from Mina (:


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