My first CC!

I was surprised to see in my bed today a letter. My initial reaction was that someone sent me a snail mail. I mean like the old days. Haha! I did not understand why I expected that.


But when I saw it was from citi, I knew it was the credit card I requested from my sister days ago. I just texted her asking if she could give me a supplementary card. She told me she would try if she can apply online for me. I haven’t heard about it from her then.


‘Why cebu pac?’ – that was my first text to her rather than ‘Why citi?”. I think she forgot that I specifically told her I want HSBC. Haha! I just randomly asked her for this and I didn’t know she would really apply for me. She trusts me. But I don’t trust myself. I recently went shopping to buy one shoes for work and I ended up buying three plus two scarves. Now you know.

I have a self-imposed ban for credit cards (Well, I used to). I told myself that I will not get any yet. Yes, there’s a yet. I’m giving myself at least two years of CC free (sana).  I have three monthly payables now and I don’t want anything to add up to that yet. I have two postpaid mobile line and I got Pops a car insurance to pau.

I wish this won’t be the start of my reigning as the Installment Queen. Haha! Let’s live within our means. This CC is staying under my pillow. But then I don’t have a pillow. Hmmmm…




Mother Falls in Baler

Being adventurous flows in the blood of each one of us in the family. When my sisters and I were still young (and my parents too) we often go to different provinces for a vacation every summer break. Both my parent’s hometown is Manila so we’re deprived of having relatives to visit in the provinces. But good thing my parents have a lot of friends from different sides of the Phil. But sometimes, we need not have anyone to go to.

I’m not sure how many times I have been to Baler when I was a kid. I’m guessing about three. Back then, it was about 14-16 hours drive from the metro. Now there’s a shorter way going there that it will only take you less than 10 hrs to go there. One of mom’s bestfriend, Fr. Edwin, was assigned to be the parish priest of San Luis, Aurora. It’s just 15mins away from Baler. That’s why we were able to go there a few times. We will stay in the seminary.  People there are very friendly to us and they will just tour us everywhere. It was nice to see the special beauty of the place. One of it is the Mother Falls.

I have not thought that I will get the chance to go back in Baler/Aurora since Fr. Edwin died. (I miss him a lot and I have always been his favorite. A little sad note on that). Anyway, I got so ecstatic when Ac told me that his workmates have planned to go there and I could tag along. I will not miss the chance to see the place again especially the Mother Falls.

The place brought me back to my memory lane. I saw the church and the seminary where Fr. Edwin was assigned. I miss staying there.

Going back, the Mother Falls was our first in our itinerary when we got there. It’s around 45 mins of trekking in a very rocky path. I have taken photos of the way going there but only using my cellphone. I was not equipped with the proper gear to bring the dslr camera with me. I didn’t take the risk especially because it’s not mine. But I wish I was able to take better photos.

Here are some photos:

Going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

going to Mother Falls

Seeing this falls with your own eyes is amazing. It made me forget all the hustle and bustle of my city life. It made me realize how wonderful this world we have is. I simply love the nature feel and everything that comes along with it.

Me at Mother Falls

These crocs are lovely to wear but never for trekking. Everyone who have seen me suffered from the wound had ask me what I was wearing and then I will see the dismay on their faces after answering. I know. I know. Haha!


If you’re planning for your next trip, you might want to go here next. You know what not to wear.




Share happiness, share Eat Bulaga!

Hello there. This would be a fan post.

I grew up watching Eat Bulaga! (Filipinos’ term for Peak-a-boo!) every lunch time. There are only a few local TV shows my family and I avidly watch and this longest running noontime show is one. It always make us laugh and everything is just ‘patok‘ to us. I love how everything is real in the show and that they simply want to make people laugh and happy not just through giving away money.

When I found out that Eat Bulaga was franchised by a TV network in Indonesia, it made me proud. It’s record breaking for EB again for being the first local TV show to be franchised by another country. It’s always us who franchise other country’s shows because we have this colonial mentality. This is a proof we can do good shows too that is our very own.

For sure Indonesians will enjoy the games and all of EB. Right? Hi there! It was nice to know that we’re sharing the happiness all the way there.


A proud EB fan and a wishful EB host someday (hihi),


The Bipolar Trishie

with the Bipolar Trishie

Happy 22nd to the most bipolar friend one could ever have! And it’s true. I am not kidding! Haha

I am not sure if I have said this here. Tricia was my very first friend in college. We’ve met on our first day because we were directed to the wrong room together with a few of our blockmates then. Since then no one has ever separated us. We were blockmates in all of our subjects in our 9 semesters in college. So yes, we even flunk together in one module. And for me, it was fate. We’re meant to finish the race together.


Tricia loves writing. And she’s really talented in it. I can’t remember how many short stories of her I have read and every story was amazing. I immediately became a fan of her writings so I consistently ask her if she has new stories to share. I’ve always been wondering why she took up accounting. Well, it’s the same question she has for herself. Anyway, I was very glad when she told me she’s putting up a blog to share her stories and her random things. It’s a place very different from mine – hers has a touch of art in words and sense though the name of her blog says otherwise. Don’t be fooled! Haha. So here it is, Tricia’s Book of Nonsense.



SL day two

Hopefully, this will be the last for this sickness. My body is not used on not being busy anymore. It feels like I’m getting more sickly. Anyhow, I’m making the most out of my free time here at home.


My company for the day since I’m home alone today.

On the other note, The Comedy King died last night and it made me so sad. My childhood includes watching Home Along Da Riles. I love that sitcom because it shows that there is happiness despite all the hardships in life- it was exactly how life is here in the third world. He made the whole nation laugh. My parents love him so much as well. There will be more laughters in heaven now. RIP Dolphy.


Swollen foot

Turbo-blogging on a Tuesday? Yes! And it’s because I’m home and I can’t walk.

I went trekking on Saturday. After we got down the mountain, I noticed that my skin was ripped off on my left foot about 4 inches long. I thought it was just a blister so I ignored it. I didn’t feel anything with it on Sunday even though I went surfing and played on the sand.

When I woke up early yesterday for work, I felt a sharp pain on my left foot and more pain when I stepped it. The blister was not a blister anymore. I don’t want to describe it. But still, I didn’t think much of it. I cleansed it and put a Betadine then I covered it with gauze pad then I was of to work.

When I was at work, it started to swell and the pain was not tolerable anymore. We have a small clinic with a young nurse so I asked her to refer me to PhilCare clinic (our company’s accredited clinic), I don’t trust her. She told me it was nothing serious. WTH? I spent the whole afternoon in the clinic. I was attended by a lot of doctors and nurses. Done xrays and a couple of injections which made me weaker.

wounded and swollen

The swelling aggravated. The pain got worse.

swollen foot

I still went to work to finish a few of my deliverables. I know I wouldn’t be able to report to work the following day. I am very thankful to my team for the help especially to Marnz who accompanied me to the clinic. She stayed with me till I finish and she walked all the way to glorietta to buy a medicine for me. The rest of the team made a way to  find a wheelchair for me. I seriously can’t step my foot anymore and the pain is unbearable.


One of the drivers of our company told me he can drive me home but Pops was already on his way. So funny on how I suddenly became dependent to everyone. Someone has to assist me even in going to the washroom. Hay. I hated it so much.

It’s late in the afternoon already but my foot isn’t getting better. I need to go to work tomorrow. :( Especially because I don’t have Sick Leave credits yet. In our company, you’re only entitled for any leaves after one year. So no work, no pay (except for legal holidays) for me. Haha

Anyway, please please pray for my foot. Because of this, I will not be able to go to the Nicki Minaj concert tomorrow. Ugh