We love Pops!

I’ve been thinking what to give to Pops for father’s day. I can’t think of any material thing and I know that having the family complete even just for a simple dinner will suffce. I contacted my sisters for a dinner at my recent favorite Filipino restaurant: Mesa. I know my family hasn’t eaten there yet so I chose that restaurant in greenbelt albeit I just had dinner there the day before. To make Pops more happy, I made it my treat! (:


with my whole fambam

the kids

Our cute kids

This is how Euan eats BBQ (:

This is how Euan eats BBQ. (:

For an extra stroll and desserts, we headed to Highstreet.

for ate giselle

Goofing inside the car! (: Included my sister’s photo who now lives in SG. We miss her!!

Our baby with mommy and grandpa

Our baby C with mommy and grandpa

Mango Bravo

The whole family entered and Conti’s and ordered only one whole Mango bravo for dine-in. We wanted the cake serve still whole. The waiter warned us that it will be hard for us to cut it but still, we want it served whole.

Mango Bravo

The waiter was right. (: But we had so much fun digging in and all!

The stars of the night:

Hailey aka ChineeMy very adorable niece, Hailey. It’s my first time to see her laugh like this. She’s so cute!

Gold, Gem and Guia

And of course, my sisters and I. (:

I had so much fun that night, I hope we can dinners like this every week! Happy father’s day Pops! We love you.




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