My Online Freedom


Let this be about the guy I’ve been dating for almost four years. Let’s not refer to him as my boyfriend because truth be told, I have no idea. Anyway, it has always been as closed as it is so, yeah, whatever. Constant argument will always be my addiction to getting online, tweeting, blogging and all that jazz. This guy has no facebook account but has a twiiter because I made him an account for the @mention purposes. All his tweets were just because I asked him to- for nothing. I just want him to use his account and maybe learn to use it as well.

I wanted this place to be my secret bubble. But then my friends eventually found out about this and it just simply put a smile on my face whenever I hear them saying they  have read my post. I always ask this guy to read my blog from then on. Though we have been talking almost everyday, still, there are things he didn’t know about me that he can learn in this place. Well, it wasn’t just about that. I  wanted to  see his effort doing things to get to know me better and to see that he’s interested in me. I always remind him to go here at my bubble and read, or I always ask him when was the last time he wondered around here. He couldn’t always answer and will just say ‘Yes, I will read it”. But it’s only good up to the day after. I hate that I’m insisting so I’m not doing it anymore.

There are many things I do online that I wish he knew, even only my everyday tweets. We’ve been together for quite a long time but I’m pretty sure he knows very little about me. He couldn’t even accept what my interests are. He doesn’t see any sense about it. He thinks very little of my interests. But I will just enjoy this online freedom and accept things as it is.

My rants are non-stop. Badass!


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