University Scoop

I was browsing through my old posts and I’m quite surprised to know that I don’t have any post re UScoop- my favorite restaurant in college. (: It had its first store in Lacson Avenue then it branch out in P.Noval. Since it was just beside Pops’ studio in Lacson then, I always dine there with my friends. It used to be just an ice cream store then they soon served pasta and side dishes then eventually they served rice meals. I got hooked with their Beef Tapa.

For my college friends and I’s June hangout and Independence day celebration (; we decided to meet again in UST since we always miss school. After eating dinner, we headed at the best dessert place in town. I love the ambiance of the place







It’s nice to have the gang again in UScoop. It’s more fun in UScoop!


My facebook post was featured in the place. I did not know! Haha. This was taken the day of our defense in our MAS module. Oh, how I miss those days!


P.S. Some photos are blurr but I still want to post it anyway. Gotta love some imperfections. Haha


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