What’s inside my bag?

I finally had the guts to show what’s inside my bag. It’s always either I bring to much (even the most futile thing to bring) or I bring so few (i.e. only moolah and cellphone)

From now on, I’ve decided to put it in moderation. So here’s what’s inside my bag today:

stuff inside my bag

1. Kikay kit. I don’t have a kit before. All of my make-ups were scattered inside my bag, so this is part of the change.  I’m only bringing my everyday makes-up essentials such as pressed powder, brown eye shadow, cheek mousse, mascara and lip-gloss. But I don’t wear make-up everyday. This is used for the days I want to feel extra beautiful. (:

2. Dominican mission cross with my rosary inside.

3. Book. I always bring a book. I haven’t finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie yet again. It is one of my favorites! I love rereading it. I’m still backlogged with my books-to-read so just in case I will have an extra time to read, I do.

4. Cellphone – my one-week old phone. The only gadget inside my bag because I got mugged by my sister recently. She got my iPod and my cellphone. When upgrading is too mainstream, it’s time for a downgrade. Alcatel phone baby! (: But oh, it’s an android phone! Plus it takes good photos too. I remember Alcatel was my first phone in sixth grade.

5. Umbrella. Part of the change is bringing an umbrella. It’s rainy season once again. It used not to matter to me. I don’t bring an umbrella no matter how rainy it is. I always just make a way. But not now anymore. I can’t afford to get soak in the rain or get sick. I need to work. (:

6. Wallet. I love earth tone colors for my wardrobe and stuff and it still stays the same. My brown wallet that is not full nor empty.. just in moderation. Because that’s the only way I can. Unless I get a bigger paycheck. (:

7. Notebook. I got this notebook as a gift last Christmas from my workmate. I love it’s style and size. I use it for my everyday doodles/notes. It still feels good whenever I write down notes. This is for my non-work-related-stuff.

8. My house gate keys in a Starbucks key-chain I got from sister. She loves Starbucks, and I know why. (:

So that’s it!




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