Unwind and exercise

Of all the hardships work has given me, I had to think of an idea how to ease a little stress. And of course, being the ‘healthy-living’ (as if) person that I am, I decided to enroll in the gym with my friend, Jewel.

fitness first

Exercise is the best! But it’s only next to the steam bath of course. Funny how we really a lot an ample time for it. Steam bath is more of the reason for hitting the gym that the work-outs and group exercises.

It was the best idea to keep up with our working life. But then, we cannot bare the cost every month just YET. So we decided to quit the gym and instead, jog around the parks at CBD. No steam bath but at least it’s without any cost.

Our usual routine includes a lot of walking at first around Velazquez Park or at Washington Sycip Park or around greenbelt. Then the real jog at Legazpi Active Park after. It’s our favorite!! Ayala Triangle Park is too mainstream so we don’t jog there.

washington park

Legazpi Active Park

This is it! Towards a more healthy body. Photos are from Jewel’s blog.





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