Being the youngest

Meet the last dependent daughter:

The youngest

And I guess I’ll be in this state for a longer time. Life’s hard and it hit me. I can’t survive yet alone. Well, you know what I mean.

My second sister was the third to leave home. First it was Ate Gold (the oldest), then Ate Guia (Third) and now Ate Giselle (Second).  It’s saddening to witness my sisters leave home one by one.

Now, I don’t have anyone to quarrel to. Life here at home is quiet. No one to have chat with every night and on weekends. It feels empty since no one is home most of the time. But that’s how life is. What’s important is that we still make a way to keep in touch with each other. And besides, it’s not a good thing too if my sisters just stay here at home. They have to live their own life. And I have to be like them soon. I have to prove it.

Anyway, he had a simple dinner last Saturday at Banapple, Il Terazzo for Ate Giselle because she’s leaving the country the following day. She didn’t want to spread the news yet so we kept it simple.

dinner at banapple

And since Ate Guia can’t make it because her baby is sick, we just visited her in their pad after.

Papa's girls

Pops loves capturing every moment. So you know why I’m like this too! Black and pink was the color of the day.

I always pray for my sisters’ success in life and that wherever they may be, they will always be safe and of course, happy.





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