Bucket List

My friend, Tricia, and I have been talking a lot lately. Well, actually, most of my friends since we’ve started talking over e-mails to update each other. That was Kyle’s idea! Now I’ve been receiving e-mails from P&G, Citibank, Factset, P&A, TR and personal emails.

Going back, Tricia and I suddenly talked about our bucket list and we’ve been sharing it to each other. The day we have started talking about it, it can’t get out of my head. The list gets longer and longer and longer.

I’m sharing 11 of those. It’s not the top 11. It’s just what I’ve thought first when I decided to write it down.

Bucket List

You love my penmanship? I don’t. And who would?


I have tons but most of it are quite funny. Maybe because I’ve been reading a lot in 9gag lately. Anyhow, those are few things that I’ll make sure to materialize.

So, what’s on your top list?




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