April Hangout – Jew’s Birthday

There wasn’t supposed to be an April hangout for us but thanks to Jew, she made a way! She did not allow it not to happen because April is her birthday month and we have to celebrate it!

This is an unplanned hangout yet the happiest so far!

First, dinner at Mesa. Who would not love Mesa huh? They serve sumptuous Filipino dishes!


2. Milk tea break at A Gantea. I don’t drink milk tea even since the craze begun. I’m simply not a fun. But A Gantea changed me. You must know why.

A Gantea

The girls with the birthday girl

The girls with the birthday girl.

3. Sheeshaaaaaaaaa at Bollywood!! This is something we’ve done for the first time (as a group).  Sherry blew us all away. We’re all surprised that she’s game for things like this now. Tee hee!

Sheesha night

I’m not allowed to post any booze part of our hangouts or the like as mandated by our boys, but please let this be an exception.. for nothing.

So try Sheesha is out of the bucket list for the most of us.


That’s how we spent the whole night of 28th of April at Greenbelt. Thank you so much Jew for a fun-filled night. Thanks for your times three treat albeit your celebration is almost a month delayed. You awesome!





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