We love Pops!

I’ve been thinking what to give to Pops for father’s day. I can’t think of any material thing and I know that having the family complete even just for a simple dinner will suffce. I contacted my sisters for a dinner at my recent favorite Filipino restaurant: Mesa. I know my family hasn’t eaten there yet so I chose that restaurant in greenbelt albeit I just had dinner there the day before. To make Pops more happy, I made it my treat! (:


with my whole fambam

the kids

Our cute kids

This is how Euan eats BBQ (:

This is how Euan eats BBQ. (:

For an extra stroll and desserts, we headed to Highstreet.

for ate giselle

Goofing inside the car! (: Included my sister’s photo who now lives in SG. We miss her!!

Our baby with mommy and grandpa

Our baby C with mommy and grandpa

Mango Bravo

The whole family entered and Conti’s and ordered only one whole Mango bravo for dine-in. We wanted the cake serve still whole. The waiter warned us that it will be hard for us to cut it but still, we want it served whole.

Mango Bravo

The waiter was right. (: But we had so much fun digging in and all!

The stars of the night:

Hailey aka ChineeMy very adorable niece, Hailey. It’s my first time to see her laugh like this. She’s so cute!

Gold, Gem and Guia

And of course, my sisters and I. (:

I had so much fun that night, I hope we can dinners like this every week! Happy father’s day Pops! We love you.



June Hangout

More photos on that day:

walking out of UST

Lacson exit. UST

Alvin and Ina

Alvin and Ina. The couple.

siomai stop

Siomai stop by Zac

Alvin plays

Alvin plays

Tricia and Kyle

Tricia and Kyle. The Twins.

Sherry, Gem and Tricia

My first girl friends in college.

LJ and Mina

The what-to-order look.

Tea Tea

The talk of the night. Because whenever we’re together, we get freaking green-minded! Haha



My Online Freedom


Let this be about the guy I’ve been dating for almost four years. Let’s not refer to him as my boyfriend because truth be told, I have no idea. Anyway, it has always been as closed as it is so, yeah, whatever. Constant argument will always be my addiction to getting online, tweeting, blogging and all that jazz. This guy has no facebook account but has a twiiter because I made him an account for the @mention purposes. All his tweets were just because I asked him to- for nothing. I just want him to use his account and maybe learn to use it as well.

I wanted this place to be my secret bubble. But then my friends eventually found out about this and it just simply put a smile on my face whenever I hear them saying they  have read my post. I always ask this guy to read my blog from then on. Though we have been talking almost everyday, still, there are things he didn’t know about me that he can learn in this place. Well, it wasn’t just about that. I  wanted to  see his effort doing things to get to know me better and to see that he’s interested in me. I always remind him to go here at my bubble and read, or I always ask him when was the last time he wondered around here. He couldn’t always answer and will just say ‘Yes, I will read it”. But it’s only good up to the day after. I hate that I’m insisting so I’m not doing it anymore.

There are many things I do online that I wish he knew, even only my everyday tweets. We’ve been together for quite a long time but I’m pretty sure he knows very little about me. He couldn’t even accept what my interests are. He doesn’t see any sense about it. He thinks very little of my interests. But I will just enjoy this online freedom and accept things as it is.

My rants are non-stop. Badass!

University Scoop

I was browsing through my old posts and I’m quite surprised to know that I don’t have any post re UScoop- my favorite restaurant in college. (: It had its first store in Lacson Avenue then it branch out in P.Noval. Since it was just beside Pops’ studio in Lacson then, I always dine there with my friends. It used to be just an ice cream store then they soon served pasta and side dishes then eventually they served rice meals. I got hooked with their Beef Tapa.

For my college friends and I’s June hangout and Independence day celebration (; we decided to meet again in UST since we always miss school. After eating dinner, we headed at the best dessert place in town. I love the ambiance of the place







It’s nice to have the gang again in UScoop. It’s more fun in UScoop!


My facebook post was featured in the place. I did not know! Haha. This was taken the day of our defense in our MAS module. Oh, how I miss those days!


P.S. Some photos are blurr but I still want to post it anyway. Gotta love some imperfections. Haha

Hello Monday!

breakkie with Jewel

Mobile photo. Lovin’ the Alcatel phone. (:

Hot congee for breakfast to start the work day and the work week. I don’t usually take my breakfast outside the workplace because first, I’ve been very stingy since my second payday (my payables grew. haha) and second, I don’t have window time in the morning. But today’s an exception for the latter. (and because the breakfast was a treat from Jewel)

For once, it’s not a dreary Monday for me. Today will be a calmed Monday- for reason I could not state for safety purposes. Plus tomorrow is a non-working holiday. It feels good when the non-working-days somehow equals the working-days in a week. I think I’m going to love this work week.

Have a great week! Why not do something you haven’t done before or something that will make you in a state of pure bliss? Make every day count!




Keep calm and smile

Me at my work post on Friday:

me at my work post

The cubicle where I spend my life. I maintain it as clean as possible because I’m allergic to dust and dirt. And also, so that I’m prepared whenever I need to go. All I have to do is get my bag and stow away. You know what I mean. (:

Thanks to my work buddy, Ben, for taking this photo.


What’s inside my bag?

I finally had the guts to show what’s inside my bag. It’s always either I bring to much (even the most futile thing to bring) or I bring so few (i.e. only moolah and cellphone)

From now on, I’ve decided to put it in moderation. So here’s what’s inside my bag today:

stuff inside my bag

1. Kikay kit. I don’t have a kit before. All of my make-ups were scattered inside my bag, so this is part of the change.  I’m only bringing my everyday makes-up essentials such as pressed powder, brown eye shadow, cheek mousse, mascara and lip-gloss. But I don’t wear make-up everyday. This is used for the days I want to feel extra beautiful. (:

2. Dominican mission cross with my rosary inside.

3. Book. I always bring a book. I haven’t finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie yet again. It is one of my favorites! I love rereading it. I’m still backlogged with my books-to-read so just in case I will have an extra time to read, I do.

4. Cellphone – my one-week old phone. The only gadget inside my bag because I got mugged by my sister recently. She got my iPod and my cellphone. When upgrading is too mainstream, it’s time for a downgrade. Alcatel phone baby! (: But oh, it’s an android phone! Plus it takes good photos too. I remember Alcatel was my first phone in sixth grade.

5. Umbrella. Part of the change is bringing an umbrella. It’s rainy season once again. It used not to matter to me. I don’t bring an umbrella no matter how rainy it is. I always just make a way. But not now anymore. I can’t afford to get soak in the rain or get sick. I need to work. (:

6. Wallet. I love earth tone colors for my wardrobe and stuff and it still stays the same. My brown wallet that is not full nor empty.. just in moderation. Because that’s the only way I can. Unless I get a bigger paycheck. (:

7. Notebook. I got this notebook as a gift last Christmas from my workmate. I love it’s style and size. I use it for my everyday doodles/notes. It still feels good whenever I write down notes. This is for my non-work-related-stuff.

8. My house gate keys in a Starbucks key-chain I got from sister. She loves Starbucks, and I know why. (:

So that’s it!