Travelogue: The Introduction

Last March, I had a short vacation in Macau and HK with mom and Gavin. It would just be a usual vacation if not for this catch: Mom and I have the worst sense of direction. We’re going to a foreign country with a kid.

It wasn’t supposed to be just mom and I. The travel didn’t match with my sisters and Pops’ schedule. The flight was already booked so Mom and I decided to pushed through because of Gavin. He’s in the age where he’s asking why his nephew has been to Disneyland and he hasn’t.

My second sister, who travels a lot, made a customized map for me. It was a map for dummies which is perfect for me. Everything was detailed.

After three days, we have survived without getting lost in two countries. I have made myself proud. Kudos to me! And thanks so much to my sister.

But there are two fail things.

(1) When we were in Macau, our last stop was the Ruins of St Paul Cathedral. I thought we have reached it when I saw this:

Ruins of St Paul Cathedral

It was at night. I thought this is only a facade. My reaction was: Why did they paint it?

I showed the photo to my sisters then they started laughing. Fail. But at least I have another reason to go back. Right?

(2) I don’t have any good photos. I’m getting weak lately. Because I’m always tired and I don’t get enough sleep. My body is not strong enough for my lifestyle now. So that. I’m always tired and out of breathe. The whole trip, of course, includes walking… lots of walking. I wasn’t prepared for it.

My sisters told me that the photos I took looks like it was just taken using a point and shoot camera by a normal photography-illiterate person. That hurts. But it’s okay. I agree!

So there, I will do better soon.





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