March Hangout (1/2) : Alvin’s 21st

Yeah, it’s  over a month delayed. But as always, it’s better late than never!

Just to reminisce this day, I had a tough time just to be able to come over. It’s on a Saturday but I was required to work. I don’t want to remember exactly how I was able to escape work early but I work on Sunday to make it up.

So there, it is true that if there’s a will, there’s a way. People always make time an excuse.


Birthday Cupcakes

Alvin’s birthday cupcakes

We decided to have an early dinner at Shakey, Espana. We miss school.

the gang at Shakey's

This photo is so funny!! Zac and Ac are the bomb!


the gang at Shakey's

Super coolie friends I have! 03.10.12

The boys

The boys: Zac, Jancel, LJ, AC and the birthday boy, Alvin.

We hangout in UST after… to reminisce our school days and to update each other about our current doings.

The girls had milkshake while the boys went to TAPSI for the booze. They need to have a heart-to-heart talk and that’s the way they do it.


Milkshake with Jew, Tricia and Mina!

picture perfect

Before leaving us. It’s like they’re really waiting for a photo opt.

chillin' at Starbucks

After booze (the girls followed after a few hours at Tapsi) chillin’ at Starbucks.

It was such a long day spent with them.

Happy 21st birthday Alvin! Thanks so much for celebrating your special day with us.




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