F.A.G. after four years

The first group of friends I ever had. It all started when we were in sixth grade. The friendship started with fights and arguments… then things get sweeter as we get older (and more mature).

After 4 years, we’re all together again.

with my highschool friends

with my highschool friends

with my highschool friends


with gi, hazel and feb

With Gigi, Hazel and Feb

feb, orange and en

Feb, Orange and Enen

Kamaye and Jel

Kamaye and Jelly

We all basically grew up together. We’ve studies in our alma mater (Nazareth school) for more than a decade- since our preschool years.

For the record, I have done crazier and bizarre things when I was still in highschool than in college.

My college friends are very prim and proper (which I am very lucky to have). My highschool friends have more twists – young and wild and free. So yeah, I was in the state of culture shock when I entered college. I think He really intended me to be in their company to keep me grounded.

But I miss to be in the flaky side of the road. I miss the rides with them. But for the night, we just simply talked a lot, catch up and sung our hearts out! I miss this craziness! I love my girls to bits!





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