Monday spent with Chic

I had a 5-day break from work because of the Holy Week. It’s the longest break I had since I’ve started working.

The last day of my short vacation was spent with Chic. I’ve met her in photography class way back in 2008. We were in our second year in college then. She’s taking up Architecture (while Accountancy for me). We were the youngest in the class.

Every time I’m with her, I feel like my life is soooo boring. I didn’t intend mine to be one. It was just somewhat a wrong choice of field and the lack of having adventurous people around.

Anyway, Chic and I are thinking of whole day activity. Going to Corregidor was a nice plan but when the thought of a spa and relaxing came out… That’s it!

It was the best way to catch up. We even exceeded the allowed time in staying in the spa place and we were charged for that. (: We had to seize the day because we both know it will take ages for us to hangout again. She then brought me to the tea place she has been talking about (I think it has already been a year). It’s the Hausbesetzer Laboratory at 10a Alabama, Quezon City. Sadly, the tea place is already closed but we were allowed to get inside still because the handicrafts and antique stuff are still showcased there. I didn’t realize what I’ve missed not until I’ve read OurAwesomePlanet’s blog here o.

In our conversations, I have told Chic that my college friends and I love the movie One More Chance so much, that it is our inspiration for our monthly hangout after college. We were driven by their hangout and get-together every Thursday night at the restaurant owned by the couples in the group. Chic told me she knew where the restaurant is and I was ecstatic to see it. So our last stop was for the day is at Cubao Expo to see Bellini’s Italian restaurant. We didn’t eat there though because we’re still full from the early dinner we had at the Spa place (The whole body massage comes with a Buffet at Wensha).

Chic loves doing a summary photo for her everyday beat. Here’s ours:


To end the day, we both had beers. She doesn’t know that I don’t drink but since we seldom hangout like this, I gave San Miguel flavored beer a try. I was surprised it tasted well. It was the first beer I’ve ever drunk more than half of the bottle. I tried to finish it but I really can’t.


Chic described our friendship as “low maintenance”. I agree to that. We didn’t have to see or talk to each other often to keep our friendship. The start of our conversation whenever we hangout will always begin from the last part we’ve talked about before and we don’t forget.




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