Cross for Neo-Centennial Graduates

I entered college in 2007. I considered myself very lucky because my graduation will fall in 2011 in which time UST will be celebrating its 400 years – Quadricentennial and I’ll be part of history being part of the Quadri-graduate. I didn’t give up to that idea until the very end. As what my friends always say “It’s not yet over till its over”. The bottom-line, I wasn’t able to make it. I graduated on October 2011. Solemn Investiture Ceremony in UST is once a year that makes me a 2012 graduate.

I was surprised there’s this “Neo-centennial” thing in UST that is the celebration of the end of its 4th centennial. UST loves event. Well, after all, UST deserves it.

Graduating on 2012 means you’re a Neo-centennial graduate. It still sound awesome. (:

Quadricentennial graduates received a medal for it while Neo-centennial graduates received this Dominican cross. To make myself feel better, receiving this cross is better than a medal.  (: It was blessed by the priest during the ceremony and we were asked to pledge too about our Faith and Thomasian virtues. Then we put he necklace on our neighbor (seatmates). We were told to carry it wherever we go especially in our workplace. Before if you ask me what I can’t leave the house without, it would be my rosary. But now, there are two.

Cross for Neo-Centennial Graduates


As what Camille said, “Some things are never overdue“. Nevertheless, I’m very glad I have reached my goal.





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