Let’s talk vanity




Needless to say, mine is at its peak.

Thank goodness you cannot do anything about it because this is my place and you’re here at your own free will.


Please bear with me. I only have a short time in my life wherein I can manage to look decent. When I was young I was very chubby and I ‘m not the cute chubby little girl (my sisters told me that and I definitely agree). And second, I wasn’t photogenic. When I became fit, my next problem was that. I’m always amazed how my sisters look so pretty in their photos that’s why Pops loves taking photos of them. I’m totally the opposite. But it just doesn’t end like that. I studied the right angles and poses that will make me look better plus prayers – it worked! And so that’s what I think.

Days from now I will definitely look a lot older and will gain weight. I will have photos that I won’t be proud of.

I know.

I look decent in this photo because I have prepared for it. I enrolled in the gym and ate healthy. I want to look my best on my graduation day. But now, my gym is over and my strict diet as well. And with the growing old thing- it’s quarter end now at work… the combination of sleepless nights plus stress will welcome me with open arms.

So there. Just thought of letting you know.

Enough of my blabber.





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