My friend, Jew, and I enrolled in Fitness First. It’s very convenient to me since it’s just two buildings away from my workplace. I started yesterday. My instructor, Mockz, gave me the Lose It! program. I’m very dedicated to shred some fats. But besides losing weight, one reason why I enrolled in the gym is for the anti-stress thing. I believe that it would not only keep me physically healthy but also mentally.

You have no idea how stressful my work is. :|

After the gym, Jew and I spent an ample time in the steam bath room. It was very very relaxing. We suddenly missed all the girls. We are both wishing that they’re with us. We can’t stop talking about work. Everything revolves around it now. Boo yah!!

Then since we have free space for calories now, we ate dinner at Amici with Ac.

Pasta, salad and pizza.

And of course we cannot miss the dessert.

The workload for a week seems to be doable for a month. I’m always trying to be superwoman so I have to keep myself physically fit for all the challenges.

Cheers for a healthy and happy life!

This is the best day of my week.



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