3 in 1

As I quote mom “Breakfast in the Phil, lunch in Hongkong and dinner in Macau… Life.” Today’s pretty tiring but the experience is surreal.

Mom, Gavin and I at Venetian Hotel in Macau.

Time to hit the sack coz tomorrow is Gavin’s day… Oh where’s that hidden Mickey?



The third drawer

my supplies

My third drawer here in the workplace is for my supplies. I stock a lot of food there because I easily get hungry – I eat in small quantities but I eat more frequent. Besides, it will take me eons to ride the elevator down and up again. There’s always a long queue in the elevator during rush hour and lunch break. There’s something wrong. It’s only for our set though.

Since it’s Monday once again, it’s time to replenish my supplies. I bring different food every week but there’s one thing that is constant- my cup noodles.

I always love sharing and today, I shared my cereals to Ben for breakfast.


I eat breakfast every at work now. I have realized it’s better than eating at home before I leave. We need to report to work at exactly 0800hr and no grace period is given. (My first ever question to the HR personnel when I was about to sign the contract was my work schedule, I immediately ask, “Is it Flexi-Time here?”) How could be a fresh grad like me asks for a sliding time? :)

I work for an average of 15 hours a day. So whenever I feel like taking a break, I open my third drawer.


Zaab’s third month

My niece turns 3 months today! She’s very bubbly now and she loves having conversations. She doesn’t act like a three month old baby.


I’m excited for her to grow a little though. I want to dress her up and make her like a paper doll. There are a lot of cute baby clothes now. Geez!

chiffon and cupcakes

A simple chiffon and cupcakes by my sister for her third month.


I write what I want

I can write what I think. No Boundaries. No limits. No rules.

My love for free writing. I’ve started this hobby when I was in highschool. Whenever I’m bored or I just want to de-stress myself, I just get a piece of paper and a pen and write anything that pops my mind. This is what I do up to now. I pile all my scraped worksheets and I write in any free space before it goes to the shredder.

My random thoughts… random dramas… random lyrics…

free writing

free writing2


I’ve also been practicing to write in cursive. I think I have improved somehow. Just somehow that’s why I intended the photos to be blur.




I didn’t know having huge cheekbones is an asset. I used to hate it because it is what most of the people notice in my face and they don’t sound like giving a compliment.

What I like most are my eyes. It tells a lot of thing I couldn’t utter. I appreciate when people look at me in the eyes sincerely. My cheekbones are just there for the bump.



Note: This post was not intended to make sense.


Chicken Pesto with Shiitake Mushroom SandwichΒ Starbucks’ Chicken Pesto with Shiitake Mushroom Sandwich


I have an undying love for bread especially for sandwiches and wraps.

Since I have started working, I got hooked with Starbucks not because of their coffees (I’m nor a coffee drinker, FYI) but because of their snacks. Last night, after the first wave of my friends and I’s March hangout (to be blogged), we had and after booze chill out at Starbucks near UST. I was craving again for Spam Classic but it’s not available anymore and the other snacks that I’ve tried. I was recommended with the Chicken Pesto sandwich. I’m glad I agreed with it. It is, for me, the best Starbucks sandwich they have ever served.


Happy tummy. Happy me!