The February Hangout

The thing I love most about my friends is that we know who/what to prioritize. Upon reaching Tagaytay proper, the first thing we did was to hear mass – anticipated mass so that we can do all we want for the following day (Feb 4-5).

Our Lady of Lordes Church

We’re not all wearing pants accidentally. Kyle has to remind us each time because hearing mass was really our plan and we make extra effort to look decent. I mean our usual outfit includes shorts. You’ll see in the photos for the following day since its a no-mass-day.


Dinner at Gilligan’s, Summit Ridge after.


The whole gang enjoying the cold breeze.

We headed to Ac’s Tagaytay House after. Then real bonding begun. It was such a lovely night. It feels so special having all my closest friends together. The laughs we share together are priceless.


The girls again now with Mil. She had made plans before this, but I’m glad she took extra effort to follow!

The morning after. Breakfast in the garden.


Followed by lunch right away. (: AC’s lunch treat at Taaleña.


The girls enjoying the breeze!!

Had so much fun. Hope we could always go back here for our monthly hangout.



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