A new place

Facebook has been way too overcrowded.
Twitter has already catches up.
Path is the new place I’m falling in love to.

I cannot stop with my blabber so I really need an outlet. I have already got addicted with the ‘twitter updates’ kind of thing. I cannot quit anymore. The reason why I got so addicted because I always want to look back and know what happened in the past. I always want to write ‘what I did today’ but since I already have so much audience I cannot escape, I have to filter things that I have to say. And that’s what I didn’t like. I want freedom. I’m so happy I have Path now. Freedom! So if you’re a close friend of mine and you have Path, add me up!

Path on iPad

Tried using it on pop’s iPad. It doesn’t fit :))

Path on iPod

But it fits perfectly with mine. I guess this is where FB got the idea of the timeline. I love how serene the photo looks. I just found it somewhere in my files. It’s not mine though.

And yes, I’m serious about saving up. It may take a year or two though.




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