The CBD – the busy life.


The CBD 2I think for this, we get to have the perfect view.

I am just six floors away from the highest floor (53rd) in the building. Imagine the express way elevator… It’s just like riding the rocket ship everyday. Okay, that’s an overstatement. But sometimes it really gets close to it.


The CBD at night

The CBD at night

I wish you could see this view of the CBD at night with all the city lights. My mobile photos don’t do justice.

Blame this view for getting me emotional at night. Whenever I still have to work late at night, I look at this view to unwind once in a while. I either just stare at it blankly or it makes me ponder about life so deeply. The latter usually happens to me. I even notice all the matchbox cars passing. I wonder where they have been and where they are heading… probably home.Then it makes me miss home. I go home simply just to sleep.  I hardly get to converse with anyone anymore.

I also start to think where my life is heading and where I really want to be. Then I become blank. Because the answer is unknown to me. I don’t know where this marathon will bring me. I don’t know exactly where I want myself to be either.

Seek success? Seek simplicity? Both.

There’s a thing that is always the same… I just want to live a happy life.

Life and its quirks. It’s too much to think about.




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