The February Hangout

The thing I love most about my friends is that we know who/what to prioritize. Upon reaching Tagaytay proper, the first thing we did was to hear mass – anticipated mass so that we can do all we want for the following day (Feb 4-5).

Our Lady of Lordes Church

We’re not all wearing pants accidentally. Kyle has to remind us each time because hearing mass was really our plan and we make extra effort to look decent. I mean our usual outfit includes shorts. You’ll see in the photos for the following day since its a no-mass-day.


Dinner at Gilligan’s, Summit Ridge after.


The whole gang enjoying the cold breeze.

We headed to Ac’s Tagaytay House after. Then real bonding begun. It was such a lovely night. It feels so special having all my closest friends together. The laughs we share together are priceless.


The girls again now with Mil. She had made plans before this, but I’m glad she took extra effort to follow!

The morning after. Breakfast in the garden.


Followed by lunch right away. (: AC’s lunch treat at Taaleña.


The girls enjoying the breeze!!

Had so much fun. Hope we could always go back here for our monthly hangout.


A new place

Facebook has been way too overcrowded.
Twitter has already catches up.
Path is the new place I’m falling in love to.

I cannot stop with my blabber so I really need an outlet. I have already got addicted with the ‘twitter updates’ kind of thing. I cannot quit anymore. The reason why I got so addicted because I always want to look back and know what happened in the past. I always want to write ‘what I did today’ but since I already have so much audience I cannot escape, I have to filter things that I have to say. And that’s what I didn’t like. I want freedom. I’m so happy I have Path now. Freedom! So if you’re a close friend of mine and you have Path, add me up!

Path on iPad

Tried using it on pop’s iPad. It doesn’t fit :))

Path on iPod

But it fits perfectly with mine. I guess this is where FB got the idea of the timeline. I love how serene the photo looks. I just found it somewhere in my files. It’s not mine though.

And yes, I’m serious about saving up. It may take a year or two though.




Shopbop today.

Black dresses

Four black dresses. I know. I’m so attracted to black. I don’t know why.


Two bags with the furr.


I do get the after-shopping-syndrome all the time. I’m always pondering if it was worth it. I will tell myself to save up after. Then things will be done again after the next payday. I need a cure.

I’m missing my allowance…

But there’s one thing I have to stop: buying black dresses. G, you should learn that there are other colors too.


The Shoe Mania

For our February hangout, we have decided to enjoy the cool breeze of Tagaytay. We have planned a small itinerary like stops at a few places before we hit Tagaytay.

The first stop was at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Since it was lunch my ftiends have decided to eat first. I was itching to look at the stores so I’ve told them that I’ll just follow them. Yes, I know my priorities.


They have already finished eating but I still haven’t got back. I them them that I won’t eat anymore because I’m finishing with my shopping. They were surprised to see me buying these:


Include the boxes at the back. You just can’t ignore the sale. The rest of the girls hunted the shoes for them too.


Then the crave for more shoes wasn’t over. After shopping at Paseo, we headed to Nuvalli for another round. Oh Payless. It was indeed pay less.



The car was so full! We can barely get inside anymore. Shopping satisfied. I guess that’s it for 2012. Haha. Kidding!!


A big HI from our shoes! Shoes shoes shoes. Gotta love!

Thanks to our guys for the patience. I know this wasn’t in our plan and it consumed so much of our time. The girls are the only one so blissful. But I guess the guys are happy enough to see us happy.


Cheers for the heels!



The restaurants/food I have always wanted to blog about.

Felly J'sLunch date at Felly J’s. Crisp pork adobo with lots of garlic was my order. I was very happy with it!


Dinner date at Kaya. I was surprised to find out that there’s Kaya restaurant near the workplace. I can easily satisfy my Jap Chae cravings!

Super Bowl

Dinner with family at Super Bowl. My first time to dine. The food are average but I never trust my taste in food. I like the tofu.


Random team dinner at Amici. The Spinaci pasta is divine! – the reason I’ll go back there. And do I have to mention the cakes too?

Seafood Island

Lunch with my whole fambam at Seafood Island. We ordered one of the Boodle feast: Tali beach. I am amazed by how they served these. I can’t remember the last time I ate using my bare hands, Seafood Island made me do it!


Snack at Starbucks- Spam Classic, Egg and Cheese on Cornmeal Bread. You know I don’t eat egg. Seriously. But with this Spam Classic, I have never thought I was eating egg. It’s either because it was so delicious and cheesy or because I don’t really know how the egg tastes. I also love their Spinach, Artichoke, Mushroom and Mozzarella on Rye Bread. Must try!

Chocolate fire

Truffles and Chocolate Blob at Chocolate Fire. You have no idea how happy I am that the workplace is just a stone’s throw away from this dessert haven.


Eating all these is a BLISS! Always satisfy your cravings!




The CBD – the busy life.


The CBD 2I think for this, we get to have the perfect view.

I am just six floors away from the highest floor (53rd) in the building. Imagine the express way elevator… It’s just like riding the rocket ship everyday. Okay, that’s an overstatement. But sometimes it really gets close to it.


The CBD at night

The CBD at night

I wish you could see this view of the CBD at night with all the city lights. My mobile photos don’t do justice.

Blame this view for getting me emotional at night. Whenever I still have to work late at night, I look at this view to unwind once in a while. I either just stare at it blankly or it makes me ponder about life so deeply. The latter usually happens to me. I even notice all the matchbox cars passing. I wonder where they have been and where they are heading… probably home.Then it makes me miss home. I go home simply just to sleep.  I hardly get to converse with anyone anymore.

I also start to think where my life is heading and where I really want to be. Then I become blank. Because the answer is unknown to me. I don’t know where this marathon will bring me. I don’t know exactly where I want myself to be either.

Seek success? Seek simplicity? Both.

There’s a thing that is always the same… I just want to live a happy life.

Life and its quirks. It’s too much to think about.



Life = Work

Tired at work Me taken a few seconds ago here at the workplace.

It’s exactly 02:30 am, February 19, 2012, Sunday. And I’m still here at the workplace since yesterday afternoon… working. I don’t work much on weekends anymore since 2012 has started but I was asked to do so on Friday to work on weekends since we’re meeting a deadline. I’ve been going home on the wee hours of the morning and I go back to work before 8 in the morning on weekdays. This is how my working life is. My family is very much surprised… Well, me too.

I was so decided to quit after a month since I’ve started. But it all subsided eventually. I hate the idea of quitting. I learned to appreciate the little things in life and I’ve learned not to complain to much. I have also taught my body not to ask for too much sleep.  3 hours will be enough, 6 hours is such a blessing. I’ve learned to be happy even in simple things. I’ve learned to smile even with all the pressures.

There are days I feel like they shouldn’t have hired a fresh graduate like me. Their expectation are too much… way beyond of what I’m capable/knowledgeable of. But I have believed He placed me here for a reason. I just have to believe in myself to.  And sometimes I just have to pretend that I know it or I am capable of doing it. Then there are time that I surprise myself that I’m not pretending anymore, that I can actually do it.

Patience. I have never thought I am this patient especially in dealing with other people. This is another surprising thing. This workplace set-up is very different. The people are very different. I just used to compete with myself, but suddenly why do I get the feeling that it’s with other people now? I don’t want it to be. But life… It’s survival of the fittest. You always have to prove that you’re better. Not just with what you’re capable of doing. It’s now that you’re better than the other. I hate it. Big time.

I am so backlogged. There are so many things I want to blog about, so many books I want to read, so many people I want to hangout with, so many places I want to go to… I just always wonder when…

The working arena. It is now my life.

But it won’t be for long. I will remove the “ee” and replace it with “or” in the future. It will happen. And my time won’t be controlled by others anymore.