The first pay slip. Ever.

Is it the sign of independence? That’s the hanging question.


Pay only comes once a month. So it is a one time big time thing. It came very timely for the Christmas season. I didn’t expect that we have one (referring to pay slip) actually because we have it online too. The moment I knew that the pay are out already, I immediately checked it and it made me smile. It’s higher than I’ve expected to be earning at this stage. I’m blessed and very thankful to Him.

I’m so thankful to my parents because they let me study in a good school so I was able to land in a good job.

I am nervous as well because I’m under a test if I will be able to handle my finances responsibly. That’s why my sister has been sending me ebooks regarding money matters. I’m learning a lot. Also, my dad has been lecturing me about it.

My challenge for myself is to reach the second payday without using a lifeline. Whew! That’s tough considering I was able to slash my pay into half on the following day. I immediately made a huge purchase. But I don’t regret it because those are the stuff I’ve always wanted. Saving will start next.


The first every pay. It was out of hardwork.



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