My grannies


We visited the grave of my paternal grandmother and great grandmother during the All Souls Day. The photo was taken years ago, the gravestone looks a lot better now. :] I wasn’t able to meet my grannies but I have heard a lot of pretty good things about them, especially pops’ mom- Lola Lily (Liwayway). Based from what I’ve heard, my Lola Lily is loving, nice and simple. Everyone loves her. I wanna name my future daughter after her and hopefully, my future Lily will blossom like her greatgrandma. I wish I had the time to know her. But I guess she has reached out for me through her sister, my Mama Baby. Being the fourth child, my parents weren’t enthusiastic to take care of me as a baby like the first ones. So when I was newly born, I was delivered to Mama Baby and she was the one who took good care of me and she pampered me with so much love and things didn’t change as I grow up. I miss her so much. No one has ever taken care of me like Mama Baby. I miss her huge hugs. I miss the way she spoils me. Whenever I’m having troubles, I always pray to her. I love my grannies even those whom I wasn’t able to see.

And I know they love me too.

On our way back home from the cemetery in Marikina, we happen to pass by a street full of vendors selling these food. From afar, we couldn’t identify what it is. We thought it’s macaroons. We got so curious so we stopped at one of the stores and bought a small bilao of it. It’s Puto (rice cake) with cheese on top sporting a different shade of color like a kutsinta. I’m addicted to puto and kutsinta and this is the best so far! (: I googled it immediately after to know what it’s called – the Marikina’s Puto! (Haha!) I’m craving for it again.

Marikina PutoSource here

My grannies brought me there.





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