The One That Got Away

When Katy Perry’s new song – The One That Got Away was released, it immediately trended on Twitter. I then remembered the story I wrote with Tricia. I immediately dig my back-up files to look for it. We wrote it way back during our English Writing class on our freshmen year in college. Our professor asked us to group ourselves for our next seat-work and we were tasked to write a short story that will show flow of events. Before, group means just us – Tricia and I.   It was 14th of February then. Being single on that date made both of us ummm… not sad but rather feeling eeewwy with all the couples getting so sweety everywhere. But partly, somewhere down our thoughts and feelings, we’re asking ourselves when are we going to have that cheesy sh*t too. :] So, that’s where we got our inspiration in writing and the story The One That Got Away was the result.  A lot of things happened during our college days. I had a boyfriend and Tricia had her love moments as well though a little different from me. In short, we did fall in love. But as college ended we were back on the same state as how we started. Well, that’s life. At least even from the start, Tricia and I both know that we can’t always have our happy ending. But I believe that there’s gotta be magic somewhere. Just believe. There’s gotta be magic.


I’m sharing the story by the way. Here it is:

The One That Got Away

The soft music from the radio is playing while I stand by the window. At the side, I could make out my dress laid neatly on the bed. It’s a wonderful dress with its silky fabric and its stunning style. Finding it was difficult for I want everything to be perfect for this day. I think about him as I look out into the busy street below. I could hear the other guest bustling outside my room. I can tell that they’re excited about the wedding. I could understand them after all it’s a big day. I’m having goose bumps and my stomach is full of butterflies. I can’t believe this day is happening. To think that 6 years ago, I was 17 when I met him.

It was my cousin’s birthday bash then. He had the restaurant completely shut down for us. The lights were wildly dancing and the place was packed of griding people. It wasn’t a good day so I was left sitting in the bar and downing my nth drink. Soon, I was feeling hazy and hot. Then, I found myself loudly proposing for a toast for my cousin’s special day. I could feel eyes on me, but I was too tipsy to care. The next day, the first day of the second semester, I was sitting in a bench in the UST alumni walkway when someone, wearing a neat Architecture uniform, sat beside me. I discreetly looked around and saw that the other benches in the walkway were taken. I looked up and saw the Archi-guy smiling boyishly at me. I remember him saying he remembered me from my cousin’s birthday bash last night and what’s horrible is that he also mentioned remembering my ‘oh-so’ loud display of drunken madness. With cheeks flaming furiously, I asked him why I didn’t see him from last night. He gave a smirk and told me that he had to go somewhere else. I nodded and muttered that I was going to be late for class before quickly leaving. At that moment, I was deeply wishing that I’d never see that man again. It’s so embarrassing! But alas, the next day I found out that we belong to te same PE class. Since I was late and he was late too, we were partnered up for the warm-up exercises. Since I have no block mates or people I know in the PE class, this Archi-guy became my sole companion from 9 am, when the class started, to 11 am, when it ended, and until 3pm, when my class would start and he would go home. It soon became our routine every Tuesday morning and talking with him came as naturally as picking Accounting for my course. Soon, the semester ended and another year came but we never stopped being the close friends we are. The inevitable, too, happened – I fell so deeply in love with him.

For so long, I was so sure that a day would come that he would profess his undying love for me and he would knock me off my feet –  just like in the movies. And one faithful Valentines day, when the air was cold and love dominated everything, he called me. He said he needed me to go to the small Italian restaurant we always eat lunch in, Sicilian, so I immediately made my way to Dapitan street with my mind shouting that I would soon be getting my “happy ever after”. However, every detail or bit of my fairy tale crashed when he entered with a pretty petite gal in tow. Everything that followed was kind of blurry. Probably my mind made it that way to save me from all the pain that I would be feeling. What hurts most is he introduced me as his best friend to his girlfriend. I didn’t cry, however. All I did was smile and try to be a little bit happy for them. After all, having him as a friend is better than being complete strangers. However, that hope for that happy ending never vanished.

A couple of years later, here we are, the soft church song playing in the background. I watch him smile warmly at me before facing the altar. I never got that happy ending – not with him. Today is his wedding day with the girl he introduced me years back. I am happy, to say the least, that he found his happiness. I hear him proudly say ” I do ” and he turned to face his bride with love-filled eyes. “If anyone here knows why these two people should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace” the priest said. For so long I believed I would be one to protest, but I am at peace with everything now. I know that she makes him happy in a way I wouldn’t been able to. I will always love him and that would never change. Love, for me, isn’t really about spending the rest of your lives together. It’s more about the intensity of your feeling and how far your willing to go for someone.


Tricia Bordado

Gem Gutierrez


Every time I read the story it feels like I’m reading it for the first time. All the pain gets inside me every time I’m on the last part of the story. I guess our short story is very moving even for me.

HAPPINESS! That’s all we deserve. I hope everyone finds theirs, especially Tricia.

Love, I’m on you! (:




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