First day

First day jitters! It’s completely nothing like my internships. It won’t be over for just a month. And in case I wouldn’t like the job I have to file a formal resignation and there’s a 30 day notice requirement. (Haha!) I tried to be as optimistic as I could but I’m freaking different now. I got freaking scared – anticipation. But when it all started I was confident enough – I’m so ready for this!

I’m starting a new chapter of my life. I’m all alone this time but I do hope to have new acquaintances.

But before we talk about meeting new acquaintances, my old friend Kamaye was as excited as a mom for me during my first day. She was excited to see me because we’ll be in the same workplace although in different company. She visited me right away and she was so happy because it means more hangout for us. She was so like a proud mom she even took a photo of me at the lobby!

First day at work!

I wore pants for my first day because Pops was teasing me the day before asking me if  I will be wearing my gowns for work. Hmp! But I’m glad I was able to buy pants that fits me perfectly and I love the texture! But I only have one pants though.

Kamaye invited me for dinner after work to celebrate my first day. We headed to Ayala Triangle Park. It has awesome Christmas lights again for this year. Feeling the spirit of Christmas all over us. We dined at Omakase because we haven’t eaten there yet. It was a good pick. I love their food – the seaweed salad, tofu,  sushi, maki, tonkatsu and the dessert! I love Japanese food! It’s perfect for Kamaye and I since we eat relatively small amount of food. I like it whenever I get to try everything served on the table.


Gem and Kamaye

I love her so much! Who needs a boyfriend when you have her? (Haha!) She calls me so often. Sometimes even just to tell me that she misses me already or sometimes just to update me with the happenings in her life like the new boys lurking around. You see, she has pretty long hair. Even during our primary and secondary schooling she’s like a mom who takes good care of me. That’s why I missed her when she was gone.  She has been in a hiatus for years.  I’m so glad she’s back in my radar now.

I’m very thankful for all my friends and for the new friends I’m going to have.

Cheers everyone!




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