workplace and my shoes


Geez! REAL WORK! I’ve started on Wednesday and things seem to go a little too fast. I’ve already rendered overtime work today- today’s a Saturday! And I’ll be at work tomorrow too! I have to learn a lot of things and it overwhelms me. But I do hope to learn a lot. I accepted the job because it seemed challenging to me. Well, it really is. I’m hoping for the best!


The first photo above is my workplace on a Saturday. That is Ben’s work area. You’ll see his head at the lower right – he was at my desk because he’s teaching me with everything. He is my work buddy. The lower left photo is my work area. Pretty much chaotic already. The lower right are my shoes that Ben loves so much. I love adding up some inches. Ben told me he knew we would jive the first time he saw me with my heels. Now get the picture? :]

Will be working again tomorrow. Gosh!




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