Fried Oreos ala mode

fried oreos

fried oreos ala mode

by Ate Giselle

My fambam and I had dinner recently at RUB in Tomas Morata, QC. Their ribs and side dishes are good but what we liked most is their fried oreos. We were surprised with the idea of fried oreos but apparently it wasn’t new at all. My sisters and I tried to do it at home. We had a hard time looking for vanilla ice cream so we opted for chocolate ice cream instead. But, if you’re gonna make one too, make sure to use vanilla ice cream because it goes better with oreos. The fried oreos should be eaten when freshly cooked. It has the perfect match of hot (fried oreos) and cold(ice cream) inside your mouth!

Ingredients: Pancake Mix, Oreos, Milk and Vanilla ice cream. (For instructions, go google it!:))

Try doing it now! Go to your nearest grocery store!





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