My sinaing

Since I was already talking about being a grown up, lemme add this simple thing:

My first official sinaing

TADA! My first official sinaing! I cooked it without any measurement- without the use of rice cooker! It’s perfect! No tutong!


I woke up in an early morning feeling so different- DYNAMIC! I helped prepare our breakfast with Jew. For one, you will really have a hard time waking me up in a very early morning but that day was quite different- no body woke me up and I was so in the mood for cooking.

the breakfastI cooked everything! Corned beef, spam and pancit canton. Okay, we’ll start from the basic! I really want to learn how to cook, it’s just that I’m always not given the privilege to do so. I will try to do the real cooking thing soon!


So, it’s the time for you to say the line: Puwede ka nang mag-asawa!

CHOS! Hahahaha!




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