my bracelet

I lost my favorite bracelet (as seen in the photo above). It’s a big deal. It is my most precious bracelet. I wear it ALL the time – not an overstatement. I got it as a gift for my eighteenth birthday with matching earrings. And since then it has been the apple of my eye. We’ve been together for three years. During the days that it won’t jive with my outfit, I still keep it in my bag with me. I was wearing it earlier when I went back to school to get my clearance and fix some papers. In a snap it was gone – nowhere to be found. I never thought it would make me so sad. It is seriously my favorite. It’s hard to part ways with something you’ve been attached to especially when you know it will be for forever.

Too emotional for a bracelet right? I know.


On a narcissistic note, I love the photo above. I look nothing close to it anymore (Well, I never really looked like this in real life). I look so haggard and hideous now. I’m always stressed. I can’t help it. I’m very worried still. But I gotta have faith!

Missing you,


This is my 200th post!


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