with Ms. India, my darling seatmate

with Gurdeep Girn

Dear G,

I know I’ve told you this a dozen times and I will say it again – I will surely miss you. Thank you for a lot of things. Thank you for being so approachable. You’re one of the few persons I will never hesitate to seek solace with. Thank you so much for sharing your food with me whenever I get hungry in the middle of the class. Thank you for showing your care and concern for me. I really feel your genuineness.  Thank you for the laughs we shared together and all the hugs! Thanks for giving me the chance to host with you. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you for all the medicines. I’m always glad to have an RCYC volunteer by my side.


I admire your personality. You’re very strong and you always keep your principles intact. I know you’re going through tough time now and even though I don’t know a single thing bout it, always remember that I’m here for you.

We will never forget AdvAcc. I’m so glad we made it! We’ve graduated already! God is so good right?


Never giving up! Cheers!

I love you!



One thought on “with Ms. India, my darling seatmate

  1. i’m so overwhelmed with this, my dear. This is more than what i expected. Thank you so much for everything, i can run out of words- that’s why it’s literally everything. Every single day spent with you is worth remembering, all those words of encouragement, tutorials, being my study buddy and a lot more. i wont forget you, always remember that i’m just a message or call away. I’ll be there whenever you need me, just do me a favor don’t forget me either, okay???? hahahah. i’m really going to miss you. i love you so much!!!

    your gorgeous seatmate ever,

    GG :)


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