I am a graduate of…

ProudToBeThomasianThe Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas

Baby, it’s safe to say now… SCHOOL IS OFFICIALLY OVER! After nine semesters, finally, I have my freaking degree. And gosh, I am so happy and proud of myself.

The photo above was taken at my favorite place in my university… the Plaza Mayor. I love its European feel. I won’t say I will miss it because I live nearby and I can go back anytime I want to. What I will definitely miss are the people I hangout with in this place. I will miss my crazy friends and blockmates. Albeit we have been through a lot of tough times still, all in all, college is beyond awesome and it’s because of the people (including my professors) I was with through the journey.

I am forever grateful for having the chance to study in UST. He knows that very well, I thank Him all the time. Even though Ateneo was my dream school way back in higschool, I’m very thankful He led me here.

Now it is time to face the real life – as they say. Wooooooooot!



P.S. Puwede bang bakasyon grande muna? :| Haha


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