Rosary Month with LOM fam


Since it’s the month of the rosary, we decided to have an activity to teach the kids around our area how to pray the rosary. And hopefully we can make it a habit for them to pray the rosary. The kids are so adorable. We’re going to hold one again on Sunday and if it becomes a success, we’re going to do it every week.

with the kids


After the activity, we had our weekly meeting. I’m presiding now and it feels so different. I’m happy to do it anyway. It makes my Sundays very productive.

LOM meeting

Taken after the meeting. Too bad we’re incomplete though. (L-R) Gem, Nanay Lina, Ate Arlene, Ate Jane, Ate Malu, Ate Gerl, Liezel, Nanay Lina. Oh my gosh! All single ladies photo opp.


LOM family

I invited them for a simple dinner at home. A little pre-birthday treat. It was a nice way to start my week.





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