You cannot cry over split milk

Dear Gem,

I don’t think you should pine for anyone anymore because it can waste your precious time. By the time you realize what you’ve done, you won’t be able to regain back the time you’ve lost. At least now you know and there’s only one thing to do: move on. It may be slow and agonizing but it is one of the emotional baggage that you would not want to be carrying around you for as long as you can remember, because it can be very tiring.

Sometimes we can be genuinely happy with someone but you need to remember too, if it is not meant to be yours, it will never be. It is best to always think and assume the worst or never place an expectation on someone because at the end of the day, you are just going to disappoint yourself if everything is not up to par.

It has happened so pointless to cry or agonize over it.

Don’t think too much about how lonely you’ve become and instead use that power and feeling and channel it to something positive. For example you can channel all your energy into your work or devote it into doing things you like such as reading or watching movies.

You’re still young and there’s so much more room for maturity to go. Just keep this in mind, Gem: don’t keep making the same mistakes.

If you want and can, always divert your thoughts to happy… happy thoughts.




Thanks so much Kyels!


Amazingly fun!


Foosball! I wonder why I’ve never played this game before. It was so much fun! I will surely buy one when I get to have my own place. That’s for sure! Played with Ate Edel, Ate Li and Tin at Ate Li’s pad.


Happy bee. I want to laugh that hard again!



One call

that one call

That one call. I tried to wait for it patiently for the whole week. Since it’s Friday already, I think it’s time to give up. No more hopes. I’ll try to make the most of what I have.

Time for plan B. Different game plan ON!



(photo by Tin :)

There’s always hope

Dear diary,

Carlo sat beside me today. He’s so cute! Sabi niya I’m pretty… kaya lang I’m fat. I eat too much kasi e!

Kaya simula ngayon… goodbye chocolates; goodbye spaghetti; goodbye hotdogs… teka… hmmm… goodbye Carlo (na lang)!!!

– Gem

menggot!!!A little fat?

My sister remembers this commercial from long ago. I used to get irritated every time she tells me the story of this commercial from Purefoods. She always tells me that I’m like the girl in the commercial because I was a little bit chubby… okay, well, maybe I’m a little fat.

There are times that I get depressed because of the constant teasing of the people around me. At such a young mind, I was already aware that it’s always about having a perfect body. There are times when I really deprived myself of a good breakfast or lunch just to be able to lose a little bit of weight. For so long I’ve struggled until the time I was finally about to give up. But fortunately, I was able to overcome every obstacle that life had to offer.

Now, nobody teases me anymore. With a lot of hardwork and dedication, I finally achieved my goal: to be more confident about myself no matter what!

I’m not saying that I have a perfect physique right now. All I’m saying is that at least I don’t have to worry about not being able to wear my pants or my tight shirts. And most of all, I’ve learned that being slim is not just about losing weight… it’s all about self-discipline and dedication!

And you know, it’s not always about the looks… it’s more than skin deep.


2ma4, 3ma5, 4ma5 and 4ma9 family

“Life is not meant to be traveled alone, so WE travel in packs. “

Taken during our last day of regular classes with Sir Neeley! He’s our Management Ethics professor.

He’s the best!


Last class outing in Tagaytay:


GQ Mobile bar made the night crazy fun!!

4ma9 outing

The morning after.

I’m gonna miss everyone!




my bracelet

I lost my favorite bracelet (as seen in the photo above). It’s a big deal. It is my most precious bracelet. I wear it ALL the time – not an overstatement. I got it as a gift for my eighteenth birthday with matching earrings. And since then it has been the apple of my eye. We’ve been together for three years. During the days that it won’t jive with my outfit, I still keep it in my bag with me. I was wearing it earlier when I went back to school to get my clearance and fix some papers. In a snap it was gone – nowhere to be found. I never thought it would make me so sad. It is seriously my favorite. It’s hard to part ways with something you’ve been attached to especially when you know it will be for forever.

Too emotional for a bracelet right? I know.


On a narcissistic note, I love the photo above. I look nothing close to it anymore (Well, I never really looked like this in real life). I look so haggard and hideous now. I’m always stressed. I can’t help it. I’m very worried still. But I gotta have faith!

Missing you,


This is my 200th post!