MIS defense – Done and Proud!

Our study is about the Management Information System of the Accounting Department of Chartis Insurance Philippines. Thank goodness for Kyle’s dad because he supplied us with ALL the information we needed.

96 baby! We got 96% and that is for our final period grade already! Woooot! 20% of our grade will come from our presentation so we made it a point to dress to impress, and our KILLER heels did it!

In case you noticed, we’re wearing the same set of earrings! Arte much! But we’re not just pretty faces with killer heels though, we really did great with presenting our study. Confidence! ✓ Conviction! ✓ We were nervous because there might be holes in our report but they saw nothing.  Yay!

I’m also proud for the fact that we got 10/10 for the grammatical correctness of our written report. Woot!

girlsMy groupmates/super girlfriends! (L-R) Tricia, Kyle, Gem, Jew and Mina

LJaranzasoAnd LJ Aranzaso! The only guy in the group.

One down!




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