Aim high!


What lies ahead? The Unknown.

Two weeks left for school then we’ll be joining the work force- another new beginning. I get melancholic whenever I think about the remaining time left to spend at school and with my blockmates, quite the same feeling I had when high school was about to be finished. My separation anxiety attacks.

I guess it is more of not wanting to work yet, I’m quite afraid of the working arena. Not because I’m afraid of the responsibility (I already had a glimpse of it from my two internships), but because I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to land to the job that I want. Work topic – everyday in school, with friends. I don’t want to rant about it anymore.

But I have to face it. I have to be confident. I’ve prepared for this! I’ve studied for 15 years for this! And the excruciating 4 years of that in college. I better be equipped with the proper gears for the working arena. And I believe I am. Who else would?

Wait, I have to pass first! I have to study hard for my final exams.  I’m having worries with one of my modules. Two weeks left. Two weeks to make it up. I need focus. So, I’ll be in a hiatus for a little while. Again.

Be back to you when school is finish.

Hope you’ll be back to me too.




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