the girls I love to love

kyle, jew, mina, triciaAnd their names are Kyle, Jewel, Mina and Tricia. Yes, I have gorgeous friends!

We really plan to have girls (only) bonding often. My in-a-relationship girl friends are doing it for the single girls. 2-2 in this photo.


Last Monday we had a breakfast date at Something Fishy in Eastwood.  It was something different for us – hanging out that early!

Glad I made it! I must really love you for you to make me go that early.

Plus I don’t really eat breakfast and it was a buffet breakfast!

with kyle

With Kyle and her camera.

Girls pampering in the washroom after pigging out.


We were walking apart from each other.  So not us! :))

comfy sofa

We didn’t plan to shop so we don’t have a budget for it. So nothing much to do since we’re all still full till lunch time.

We just hangout at this cozy area at the mall.

And of course, as usual, we never run out of things to talk to. We shift from one topic to another without knowing how that happened. We can talk anything under the sun with much enthusiasm. And me, one of the things I love to talk about are chairs! I didn’t miss to comment about the couch, then mentioning the chairs I would love to have especially the ones of Kenneth Cobonpue’s. See? I have to mention it here too!

We spent hours at this area. Then we finally made more plans! Next: Saturdate!


xoxo, G

Photos from Kyle and Jew






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