Hazel’s Baby Shower

I helped Hazel plan her baby shower. I’m glad to be in touched with her again.

It's a girlOur baby Tatianna, we’ll wait for you. (:


Souvenir Cookies! It taste delicious! It’s definitely as good as it looks!

grapes juice with apples

Grapes juice with apples! Just a random idea.

carbonaraCarbonara cooked by Hazel’s cousin. It is so good!

Since Hazel gave me the right to decide the menu, I chose all my favorites! Nachos, Vegetable Salad, Chicken and Tuna Sandwich, Barbeque and Puto (from goldilocks).


Gi and the balloons!

hs friendsWith Jel, Orange, Gi, Hazel and me. (: My gorgeous friends!

We’ve all grown up. I missed HS when I saw them!

HS graduationOur highschool graduation four years ago.

I miss us! Hope next time we’ll be with En, Kamaye and Feb too!

Time flies so fast…




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