I don’t want someone because I’m scared for the ending. I’m scared to fall in love again, open up completely, and then just get shut out. Think about it, it’s not a completely irrational fear. You give your heart away and then you just get it back but that one little piece is always gonna be missing. Everyone you give your heart away to takes a little piece of it with him, and eventually, what’s left?

I know. Love is simple. Life is simple.

We just make it complicated. But because of that I learnt things.

I will make sure not to rant about all the negativity and pessimism that are clouding my being. I’m so tired of being like this anymore. And honestly, I’m not used on this because I usually let all things pass. I can easily ignore even my own negative sentiments before but why can’t I do it now?

Life hit me hard.

I want to move on. I shouldn’t let it bother or take control of my mind again. I know it’s hard to do, but I must try.


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