Right after our last exam on Saturday, my friends and I headed to LJ’s place for some booze and snooze (for me- that’s why hate me on hangouts like this). Since this is our last semester (hopefully) we made it a point to bond as often as we could.

Woot! Last stretch of our college life!

the girlsThe girls get never complete. Calling Kyle, Sherry and Ina! (:  But glad Mil was finally able to make it- OVERNIGHT!

the gang

Not in the photo are Mina, Jancel and I. So there, do the math.

Pizza night! The boys are the ones who did the grocery shopping for the booze, the snacks and the batteries (for my mini stereo) while the girls slack off. That’s how it is with us! (:

karaoke time!

It was our videoke night too. I was surprised that my friends have good voices. I don’t know why I wasn’t aware of that! Songs for the night were very sentimental. That’s what you get when B and G are combined!

reunited by mil and gem

V and I singing ♬ ♬ REUNITED and it feels so good ♬. (: I don’t know exactly for whom the song was. Please enlighten me.

with champ

With the star of the night… CHAMP! He’s such a cutie! Wanna own one too. Someday. Someday.

the morning afterOh, how much I love seeing these faces when I woke up!

All smiles. Then after a while they will all rant about having headaches!


One of the boys told me that he wish that things will never change even after college, that we’ll still have crazy bonding like this.


Pinky promise everyone!?




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