the best photo to describe me today


gemNot in a state of pure bliss though. Not even close. But last week has been so tough for me, I couldn’t even show a fake smile. Everyday was a torture. I wasn’t careful of my deeds for the past months that everything sunk in last week and I was afraid. Afraid that it may lead to something I’m not prepared of.  A lot are still unclear to me but at least, the one thing I was so worried about is gone. Gone gone gone!

All you need to do is to trust Him. Pray.

My prayer was answered fast! It was my first time to attend The Feast (by Bo Sanchez) today at PICC. The experience was indescribable- it’s beyond words. I’m not really an emotional kind of person but I was so moved- I cried. I felt so radiant- something glows in me that I have never felt for a long time.  I’m glad I was invited by my LOM family. Sunday is church day so after the Feast, I attended the LOM meeting (which I am now presiding, not official yet but it would be soon- tough job for me but everything’s for Mama Mary and Him) then our group rosary after. Super nice bonding with them today. I’m so uplifted. Nice way to start my week!

I’m inviting all of you to attend The Feast too! It’s for you to find out what I was talking about!

“The FORCE: Move Mountains. Enlarge Territories. Increase Harvest. Finish Strong.”





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